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Headshots Packages
We offer many different templates and layouts to choose from. We can create custom designs as well. We can offer light touch-up and file correction. We offer competitive and easy to understand pricing. Please contact us for more information.
Pitch Books and Show Bibles
We can help you choose options to customize your show bible or pitch book to achieve the best impact possible. There are a variety of stock, layout and binding/finishing options we can offer you.

We have created a number of custom show bibles and pitch books for our clients to address the unique look they want to capture the most attention.

Binding options include hardback binding, coil and wire-o binding with a variety of covers, rounded corners, extra thick covers, laminated covers, and many other features that will help your project stand out.

We can work under most deadlines. If you have an unexpected meeting or pitch at a studio, let us help you close the deal on your new movie or show!

Free consultation and review of samples is available. Just call to make an appointment, and we will be available to help.
Custom Props
We can create just about any print-related prop. We have produced everything including luggage tags, bottle labels, magazines, stationery, backgrounds, newspapers, customized "files and paperwork" used directly on screen, etc.

If you need something, just ask. We can usually come up with a way to make what you need.
Wrap Books
Ask us to help you package and put together your wrap book to memorialize the show or film. If you know exactly the look you want, we will duplicate that per your specs.

If you would like to consider some options to customize it and achieve the best effect possible, we can help you with that.
Hold tags and Pick Up Envelopes
Our many film support clients have different preferences for hold tags. Some like them custom bound with multi part forms and a wrap around back cover for preventing "show through" when they write. Some want pads with specific stocks. Requirements for size vary. Whatever you need, we can make it. We can produce hold tags in any quantity and with same day service. We can produce 9 x 12 pick up envelopes with custom printing.

We can produce these in short run or longer run quantities and in most cases with same day service.
Film Marketing Packages
Independent film launches usually require a combination of poster printing, postcard printing, sometimes brochures, flyers, business cards and other collateral. We can help you put these pieces together in a way that helps make your whole launch coordinated with a uniform look to achieve maximum exposure.
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